Subly Weekly Vlog #5– OUR 3 TOP TIPS ON BUILDING A START UP (during a pandemic!)

  • So one thing you need to really start doing is building that community and understanding what people need and the features. Because something that they need may be completely different to what you want to build. You’ve kind of got to map the two.
  • So, the foundations of the team were super important and also setting
    our values and our culture was one of the biggest things
    that we could do as we grow.
  • So, only a few months ago we decided to fund it through pockets, both me and Kevin to kind of get this going, and to really understand more about what we need, and how much funding we need to get from investors. If we need to go that route? Or can we just monetize it straight away and generate revenue?
  • Community, kind of built that up,
  • Build core values/the core team, and really get something going,
  • And then, the funding and the revenue will come from that,



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