Reaching Global Audiences Has Never Been More Crucial for Businesses

4 min readMay 12, 2021

Uno, dos, tres…Reaching global audiences has just become even more simple!

Meet Subly Premium and Business.

  • Reach audiences in over 40 languages.
  • Collaborate with your team.
  • Translate your content in minutes– no skills needed.
  • Make content accessible for all!

It’s finally time to spend less time and budget on editing and more on creating great global content.

Discover what you can do with more time today.

Transcription by Subly

Subly Premium and Suby Business are finally here!

You can now reach global audiences and work with your teams- all with Subly!

Content made simple is what we always aim for, with every new release and this time it’s big!

Up until now, we’ve given you Subly Free — to try out the basics and Subly Pro- for creators to style, edit, resize and download different file types. But now we’re bringing you translation and team features too. Now you can choose from Subly Premium and Subly Business.

So you can translate your subtitles, localise all your content for other markets and audiences, make your content accessible and reach a global audience, and you can collaborate with your team too. Inviting them to projects to work on the content together, sharing minutes and billing.

We worked so hard to create these new tools that are just as easy to use as the rest of Subly but even more powerful.

So if you want to create accessible and global content with translation, work with a team, need larger files, want extra minutes, need more storage, or need custom vocabulary for your usual words…Wouldn’t it all be useful?

You really should check out Subly Premium or Business today.

Whether you’re an individual creator, agency or business.

Creating content for yourself, your clients, your audience, your business or your employer.

And if you already add subtitles and translate content…you can save even more time and money! And if you don’t, you really should as there’s a big sound off and global audience you’re missing out on!

Subly exists so any creator can spend less time editing and create even more great content going global with your content shouldn’t be complicated, so we made Subly Premium and Business uncomplicated.

It’s made for beginners and experts…How? Because it’s that easy that there are no skills needed to get started.

Just upload your file, automatically transcribe in your selected language and edit, invite your team if they need access too, translate to over 45 languages and you’re done. No extra expenses in the process.

This means more power to localise and translate your content that you wouldn’t have had the time or resource to translate before. More collaboration with your team and all in the same editor you’ve already been using to subtitle and transcribe in minutes too.

I’m so excited to finally release more tools to help you grow global, too. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on Subly Premium and Business.

All you need to do to get started is log in to your existing account and upgrade today sign up today (or click on the image below!)




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