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3 min readJul 11, 2019


Featured in B&T Magazine, 11 July 2019.

The consumption of video in 2019 is proof that video as a means of storytelling and advertising is no longer a nice option — it’s a necessity. Forbes reported, 65% of executives have gone to the marketer’s site and 39% have called them on the phone after watching a marketing video. Along with Hubspot revealing a whopping 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

Consumers are watching video more than ever and we’re even seeing videos being watched on mute. Digiday reported a whopping 85% of videos on Facebook are being watched without sound. Brands are becoming even more aware they need to capture their audience who watch video on multiple devices by now adding text to video. Adweek reported 80% of people are more likely to watch an entire video when captions were provided.

But video editing tools are still in the dark ages. These platforms still require users to have developed skills, experience and are expensive, there still isn’t an easy way for everyday creators, brands and agencies to produce quick and professional content on the fly, with captions.

Holly Stephens, has worked in various marketing roles, from Internal Communications positions to leading global launches for Google and running her own marketing agency. She came across the idea for Subly after experiencing multiple challenges as a creator for her YouTube channel. She recalled the same challenges when working for clients and in corporate marketing positions.

“I couldn’t find an easy solution to record video, make it look professional, simply add text and distribute to any platform. Brands and creators want to respond, produce and share video content quickly, at a high quality. I couldn’t find a solution, so we created it.” Holly Stephens, Founder & CEO of Subly.

Holly Stephens and Co-founder Keyvan Kasaei have been working on their startup Subly outside their full-time 9-to-5 jobs. Subly is a video editing platform that allows creators, agencies and brands to record, transcribe and add text onto videos. The company boasts 600+ teams signed-up for their pre-launch including small businesses to corporates. The business launched by ‘invitation only’ this week.

“Our solution for video creators and businesses combines Artificial Intelligence with human editing, allowing anyone, anywhere, the ability to edit and caption videos to communicate their message, as fast as it’s created.” Holly added.

Subly is currently available for free. The company is also beta testing Subly Pro, a paid plan for content creators and brands. To keep up with the latest updates register your interest here. The company launched in February 2020. Creators and brands can request access by going to Subly.

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Originally published in July 2019. Updated in September 2020 for accuracy on names and dates.

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