We’re thrilled to announce our Seed raise just as we expand into translation and collaboration for teams.

So why have we raised a Seed round?

We are pleased to announce the closing of our Seed round today with $1M funding from global investors, including Telefonica, Wayra, Loyal VC, Startup AI and several high-profile investors.

We’re thrilled to announce our Seed raise just as we expand into translation and collaboration for teams. We set out with…

Funding will be used to fuel the next stage of growth and expansion in users, the team and technology.

  • Subly attracts investors and experienced entrepreneurs from around the globe including Wayra (Telefónica), Loyal VC and AI Startup Incubator.
  • Fully remote global team based in the UK, Spain, The Netherlands and Australia.
  • The startup is already generating revenue after only 8-months since launching paid subscriptions.
  • Funding will be used to…

It has been a crucial stepping stone for the thousands of budding filmmakers eager to qualify for the BAFTA awards someday.

Before a 10-day film festival, event organisers at London Short Film Festival (LSFF) work hard to create accessible and inclusive content that everyone can enjoy. After all, the BAFTA-affiliated festival is renowned for its unique focus on diverse and multidisciplinary short films, regardless of geography or language.

London Short Film…

With over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, Ali prioritises expanding his content’s lifespan to keep up with his audience.

About Joe’s and Ali’s Content Creation Process

With 4.2 billion social media users globally, more and more creators share their content to break through the noise. How are they doing it despite the challenge?

They’re building value-driven brands by making the most of each piece of content they’re putting out.

At least that’s how Joe is helping…

Marketers say that 86% of localised campaigns produce higher conversions than English-only campaigns. That’s something.

Where are your customers based?

Today, to relate to your customers’ problems is to understand where they are coming from, and we mean, quite literally– from where?

Why? Well, because you can be one step closer to feeling like a local brand to them by translating content into their native language.

Asking this crucial question…

These have been low-cost strategies that have helped us get to 50,000 users in over a year.

We recently hit 50,000 users on our platform, and it has led us to reflect on the most impactful campaigns we’ve run so far. Campaigns that have helped us build a real connection with our users and customers.

How Did We Do It Then?‍

We focused on building genuine and organic relationships with our first-ever…

80% of audiences scroll their social media sound-off, so you might not have noticed that Ana Kozlova, our Marketing Exec, was speaking Russian!

We’re starting to work on some very interesting things for you this past year, and one of those things is translation.

What does that mean?

It means we’re creating a way for you to share your content globally in any language.

Localising your content

It means real localisation for any market.


Our top 3 tips for organically scaling a startup with the help of your community!

Like many other businesses, our community is everything to us.

We’ve built a brand around you, the faces who have supported us day in and day out.

Our organic growth wouldn’t have been the same, or possible, without those of you who were extra dedicated.

Making meaningful connections with REAL USERS

It’s been so important…


Automatic transcription and subtitling for videos. Create content, less time editing.

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