Uno, dos, tres…Reaching global audiences has just become even more simple!

Meet Subly Premium and Business.

  • Reach audiences in over 40 languages.
  • Collaborate with your team.
  • Translate your content in minutes– no skills needed.
  • Make content accessible for all!

It’s finally time to spend less time and budget on editing and more on creating great global content.

Discover what you can do with more time today.

Transcription by Subly

Subly Premium and Suby Business are finally here!

You can now reach global audiences and work with your teams- all with Subly!

Content made simple is what we always aim for, with every…

Marketers say that 86% of localised campaigns produce higher conversions than English-only campaigns. That’s something.

Where are your customers based?

Today, to relate to your customers’ problems is to understand where they are coming from, and we mean, quite literally– from where?

Why? Well, because you can be one step closer to feeling like a local brand to them by translating content into their native language.

Asking this crucial question will help you gain a deeper glimpse into your customer’s world and subsequently help capture their attention in a language that makes sense to them.

What does your customers’ location have to do with your business?

Only 26% of active internet users are English speakers. In fact, according to The Guardian, English’s share of the internet has shrunk to around 30%…

Subly Vlog #35

Translation is finally here in beta!

We know it’s important for you to reach global audiences, so we’re thrilled to be inviting you all to try translation from today! You’ll now be able to add translated subtitles to your content.

Save budget and translate

Translating your content is now as easy as adding your subtitles.

1. Upload your video or audio file,

2. Edit your subtitles,

3. Generate automatic translations in over 70 languages

4. Download them in different formats and sizes as you would before!

All in one editor. No extra tools, or complicated workflows.

Gain international followers by localising

We really want to give you the…

These have been low-cost strategies that have helped us get to 50,000 users in over a year.

We recently hit 50,000 users on our platform, and it has led us to reflect on the most impactful campaigns we’ve run so far. Campaigns that have helped us build a real connection with our users and customers.

How Did We Do It Then?‍

We focused on building genuine and organic relationships with our first-ever users.

We boosted our user growth along the way by offering real value at a time of need for our customers.

We nurtured those relationships by staying active and engaged with our users and customers.

These have been low-cost strategies that have helped us get to 50,000 users in over…

80% of audiences scroll their social media sound-off, so you might not have noticed that Ana Kozlova, our Marketing Exec, was speaking Russian!

We’re starting to work on some very interesting things for you this past year, and one of those things is translation.

What does that mean?

It means we’re creating a way for you to share your content globally in any language.

Localising your content

It means real localisation for any market.

This is especially cool for every creator out there who publishes content online.

Reach wider audiences

We help creators, agencies, businesses, big companies and organisations reach more of their global audience. Now we want to help you get closer to this audience. You are those businesses.

So whether it’s…

  • advertising
  • educational videos
  • copy for…

Our top 3 tips for organically scaling a startup with the help of your community!

Like many other businesses, our community is everything to us.

We’ve built a brand around you, the faces who have supported us day in and day out.

Our organic growth wouldn’t have been the same, or possible, without those of you who were extra dedicated.

Making meaningful connections with REAL USERS

It’s been so important for us to work with true ambassadors and real users from early on.

To build true and meaningful connections with ambassadors and those with a real need for Subly who spread the word about the product!

It’s helped build the honest brand you see today.

Always asking for feedback!

Listening to your feedback and…

About “92% of people watch [videos] with the sound off on mobile devices” according to Diana Briceno.

Guest post courtesy of Christine McLean. Original post: 11 Strategies for Creating Great Content for People with Disabilities.

I recently had a conversation with Dr Samantha-Kaye Johnston, a dyslexia researcher and founder of Reading for Humanity. She shared some great insights about creating dyslexia-friendly content.

But, I realised that some of the knowledge she shared applies to a broad range of people with disabilities. So, I’ve included her insights, along with a few of my own, to create this comprehensive list.

Use a Mixture of Audiovisual and Written Content

I believe in using a mixture of audiovisual and written content for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons…

If you want to make your videos accessible to everyone, adding subtitles must be a part of your video strategy.

If you go to all the trouble of creating a video for social media captions are a must.

Why? Because the default setting is usually for videos to play with the sound off.

Your video is showing up in the newsfeed as a silent movie. Who has the time or patience to figure out what you’re saying? Most folks will simply scroll on past.‍

Here’s why captioning your video is a must:

  • Gives the viewer a hint of what you’re talking about.
  • Catches someone’s eye as they’re scrolling through the feed.
  • Allows people to watch your entire video with the…

Want to style your subtitles and your video content? Move your subtitles to the border. Download VTT files and save money with annual pricing.

You need to get the most out of your subtitled content by making your video editing workflow fast and saving budget in the process, right?

We’re always listening to what you want next from us, so we’ve introduced even more features to make subtitling your content even simpler and easier for you. Plus, there’s a chance to save precious budget on your content creation with new annual pricing offers!

Your 5-Second Summary

So, what’s new? You can now move your subtitles and headlines to the border of your video to give your video the space it deserves. …

Our lives have never been so technologically empowered.

Tools are being downloaded, used, and deleted every minute. The world is literally at our fingertips…yet we’re becoming increasingly disconnected.

Creators and organisations across the globe are missing their digital international audiences.

For those corners of the world which have been touched by the wonders of the internet, seemingly the ability to interact with content is there…but how accessible is it really?

Over 59% of the world today has access to the internet, but are we really helping them make the most out of everything we create for them?

Global, inclusive and…


Automatic transcription and subtitling for videos. Create content, less time editing.

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