3 Fastest Ways To Subtitle Your Content

Content doesn’t need to be that complicated, so we try and make it simpler every day.

3 min readDec 16, 2020


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To add subtitles to a video, the average content creator getting from editing to publishing involves 17 steps (!), according to early-on Subly user research.

That includes uploading one piece of content 8 times! We were shocked by this. Content doesn’t need to be that complicated, so we try and make it simpler every day.

Making content simple for you. Sounds easy? It means working with you, the Subly community and content creators to get to know your content workflow better!

So, here are 3 hacks to add subtitles to your video and transcribe your content fast in just 4 steps!

Save, edit and publish straight from Google Drive

We still can’t believe it, 8 different uploads to get one piece of content subtitled? Crazy.

To knock those 8 steps out of your way, we’ve worked on a new Google Drive integration for you. You can now centralise your editing process and manage your content all from one place!

How will it work now? If you’re working from Google Drive when uploading you can now click ‘Upload from Google Drive’ and get your content to start automatically transcribing straight from your folder!

Do your jazz with Subly. Subtitle, edit and resize your content like usual. Then save your MP4, SRT, and/or TXT files back into Google Drive once you’re done.

Why not also ask your team to give feedback on your videos in Google Drive now that uploading and downloading videos is that simple? This process works seamlessly when working on bulkier projects like podcast scripts– when more than two sets of eyeballs are needed!

Create on-brand templates for your subtitles

Spending time always setting your videos and subtitles to similar styles? We hear you.

When you’re going between multiple editing and publishing tools, we realised you probably don’t want to be spending too long working on the styling. So, now you can select your text fonts, colours and positioning, set your preferred logo, standardise your headlines and save them ready to use again and again. This way you’re getting automatic subtitles, transcripts, and edits within seconds!

Your entire styling process just condensed into one-click, isn’t that awesome? One more step out of your way.

Export subtitled content in multiple formats

So, we’ve talked about how to speed up your workflow with one piece of content. But we haven’t touched on how to speed up your workflow and increase the impact of your single piece of content [link 4 ways to reach more audiences].

In your editor, you have the option to export your video in horizontal and vertical formats, optimised for every social platform [linked how to easily resize your video for social], including Stories, Reels, and Fleets.

And, with the Google Drive integration, this means your content can travel from your editor straight to publishing in seconds. You can now save your video in Google Drive in multiple formats and share from your Drive with your network in one tap. No more obstacles!

That’s what, two more steps down?

So how does it work out? With the latest features for you, we want to help you save even more time with your content. More time saved = more time for even more creation right?

By eliminating the uploading and downloading steps you take to finally hit the publish button you can save yourself hours of your time to create more content that your audience will love– with the full feeling of reward.

Ready to save time? Try Subly for free here or try the Pro features for just $10 per month.




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